Sunday, August 04, 2013

Our Week

Alex is working so hard!  He has taken a couple of steps now.  He’ll walk if you hold one hand.  It’s coming!!


The biggest thing that happened this week was Joy’s tonsils and adenoids were removed and she got tubes.  She is on some meds to keep her comfortable.


Hair – how I did Lizzy’s hair for church


Becca did a side, sloppy bun on me.


We went and got Jessi’s hair cut for school.


Lizzy and I went on a bike ride.  We saw a rabbit and some feral kittens!


The girls playing with their Daddy.  He made an instrument from an old piece of sprinkler tubing.


Joy convalescing.  So long as she had her good meds, she was OK.  She needed to sleep and threw more fits than normal, but that’s understandable.




Sammi had a big week.  Besides finishing up her two weeks of cooking, babysitting, and her normal pursuits of losing herself in books and the computer, she and I spent half a day down town filling out diagnostic forms.  I’m hoping that pursuing this label will help my sweet girl and not be a detriment to her in any way.


Look at these two – learning to dress themselves!


“May I?” game on Friday night.


The kids complained that all they did was babysit this week – I was gone three of the five days.  So we packed up everyone and a picnic and headed to our favorite Japanese Garden!


Kris stopped by!  Always wonderful to see her!            Bella loving on her Daddy!IMG_6008IMG_6013

Have you noticed on the side bar that Becca has her own blog now?  I love to read her thoughts.

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