Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can we drive next time?

Things we have learned on today's journeyings:

1.  Mama freaks out about full body scanners
2. In her panicked state, she says, "I hate the US Government," as she jumps out of the large metal tube.  Probably not smart in front of the TSA agents, although they did laugh, whether at me, my panicked state, or the early hour, it's hard to say.
3. Having a flight leave two hours late makes for some stressful moments
4.  Becca freaks out about her viola when notified that all the overhead bins are full
5. 17 year olds are not old enough to handle cranberry apple juice.  It will end up all over the seat and her jeans - sticky times!
6. The alligator on the app Where's my Water? Reminds us of Alex during his bath time.  So cute!
7. Good Mamas should always carry wipes.  Even when your baby thinks she's all grown up.
8. Although nice to have two feet on the ground, an unplanned five and a half hour layover is pretty boring.
9. Plans are just funny suggestions we mortals like to make.
10. Terbulance does bad things to my tummy.
11. Two people are not enough to handle that much luggage!
12.  Driving in the dark when you are tired in unfamiliar areas is kinda funny/ scary depends on how delirious you are!