Sunday, October 31, 2010

For Jessi’s Birthday…Fiesta Texas

For Jessi’s celebration of a decade on this planet, a trip to Fiesta Texas was planned.  Unfortunately, Sammi and Joy got sick, so they had to stay home.  But Dad, Becca, Jessi, and Lizzy drove to San Antonio after the soccer game on Saturday and had a wonderful time!

Happy 10th birthday Jessi!

Fiesta Texas 001Fiesta Texas 003Fiesta Texas 004Fiesta Texas 006Fiesta Texas 010Fiesta Texas 012Fiesta Texas 017Fiesta Texas 025Fiesta Texas 036Fiesta Texas 037Fiesta Texas 042Fiesta Texas 044Fiesta Texas 059Fiesta Texas 061

oct 31 001


Since Sammi couldn’t go, they got her this shirt – very sweet.

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