Sunday, October 17, 2010

Columbus Day Week

Columbus Day was wonderful!  Why?  No school!!!  It’s no secret.  I love it when they girls are home and they are allowed to just be kids.  Yeah for holidays!!  We had Marlissa and Katie for a while.  Kathie was at parent teacher conferences.IMG_7985IMG_7987

My playful girls:


Sammi’s experiment is finally over.  Her botany experiment was to put two seeds in the closet, two in the fridge and two on the window. (in a baggie on a wet paper towel)   Of course the ones of the window did the best.  It shows how the seed uses the nutrients from the seed before needing the sun to thrive.  The experiment was 12 days long.  For 12 days she begged me to move the other seeds because she was so afraid they would die.  She is now trying to save her closet plants – the fridge ones never grew.  Sammi has such a tender heart.


Tuesday Becca meet a friend at the Centrum and attended a concert for Orchestra.  I am blown away by how good the Klein High School Orchestra is.

Tuesday night I was able to get my temple recommend renewed.  How grateful I am that I can enter the Lord’s house.  It is such a strength to me to be close to my Father there.  Sunday I had my interview with a Bishopric member and Tuesday night with a member of the Stake Presidency.  From some of the questions and comments on Tuesday, I could tell this kind man had no idea what challenges I am facing right now.  But, you know, the beautiful thing is that my Savior does.  And even if everyone in the whole world knew me and my secret pains and dreams, it wouldn’t mean as much to me as knowing my Savior knows – and loves me through them all.

Wednesday we got to take care of my Elizabeth, who for some strange reason lives with my sister Kathie.  SmileWe love that baby girl.  Lizzy and Sam went to Garden Club where they planted onions, garlic, and potatoes. 


Working on US Geography and dancing!!


Moms and Muffins at school-that was fun until Liz spilled OJ all over her dress and shoes. haha, so off we sped home so she could change before school started.


Friday Kath had some pre-employment stuff to take care of, so we got Elizabeth and Marlissa again.  I do like babies, it is true.


IMG_8028I found a recipe for an Armenian cookie, so we had to try those.  They were very yummy!  This movie, in case you were wondering, was How to Train Your Dragon

Saturday – makes me tired just to think of it.  Lizzy had a soccer game.  Joy had a birthday party.  I had a funeral.  And we had Nathan and Caleb’s birthday party at the farm, plus the normal Saturday shopping.  It was a divide and conquer kind of day, but a good day.


Happy birthday Nathan and Caleb – both 9 years old!!

IMG_8139Jason went outside today to move the van and brought me back in a rose from the rose bush.  Oh!  Thank you.  I am grateful for him.  I am also grateful that he does these things in front of the girls. IMG_8140_1 They need to see how a man is supposed to treat a woman.   After all of our talking and preaching, it’s our actions that speak the oldest.  How I hope and pray my girls will find worthy, wonderful men to marry one day.  Men that will love them as much as Jason loves me.

This week was also Aidan’s birthday, so we made him some cookies and Jason (Uncle Jay as Aidan calls him) and Liz dropped them off for him.  Happy birthday Aidan!

Lizzy and her painted pumpkin and Daddy and Bella watching the Texans (who won!)


Jessi told me today: “As you get older, the scriptures get more interesting.”  How I love that girl.  She believes with her whole heart.  I love child like faith!

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