Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Week with the Turpins

Cuteness:  On the way to the soccer game, Mom, Dad, and Lizzy discussing employment and how some people have to have two jobs.  Lizzy in her ego-centristic stage and in all of her 7 year-old wisdom, “Daddy has two jobs.”  “oh?”  “Yeah, he’s a soccer coach and that other thing he does.”  I loved it and laughed!  You can tell which job of Jason’s really is the most important!

Adoption:  I attended a Young Women Training meeting on Thursday.  It was good, but what I loved was the assignment they gave us before the meeting – to read Elder Bednar’s talk, “Line Upon Line” (Sept 2010 New Era).  It is fantastic!  I love to learn more about receiving revelation because I need it so much and so often!  Anyway…last week I posted that I was frustrated on the slowness of finding out what the Lord really wants in all of this, but this week I feel much better about the whole thing.  This is the way it always happens.  We get little bits of direction here and there that ultimately lead us to where He wants us to be.  It’s good.  It’ll work out.  I can try to push His hand or I can wait and see His plan unfold beautifully before my eyes.  I like the later idea best. 

october 30 329Monday we had a Girl Scout planning meeting in the evening, so our Family Home Evening was held on Tuesday this week.  It was Sammi’s turn to do the lesson.  I find it so interesting how our personalities are all so different.  Some of us will simply open the book and lead a discussion.  Others include pictures to us to color.  Some create murals.  A big family is a wonderful study of differences!

Tuesday Lizzy got her “prizes” for selling cookie dough for her school.  I think my opinion of hyping kids up in assemblies to do school fundraisers and then giving them junk for prizes goes without saying.  Oh well.  They had 30 minutes of fun out of it before they broke.


Science Fair was due this week – translation Mama and Jessi got some quality bonding time.  One Mom from school told me, “Science Fair isn’t for the kids.  It’s for the parents.”  Yeah.  Oh well – we had fun with the topic.  We did an experiment to see which broke down in gastric juices faster – processed or non-processed foods.  We got the stomach acid from Bella (thanks to her GJ tube we are often covered with it) and found processed food breaks down way faster than natural foods.  Hmm.  No wonder you can eat junk and be hungry 30 minutes later!

October 30 005october 30 321October 30 008

This creature freaked Becca out this week.  Meet Mr. Raccoon.  He was positioned right in the tree next to the car when we were trying to leave for Young Women.  Then she heard noises in the attic that night.  She slept on the living room couch that night.  Smile

Wednesday Marlissa had an early morning medical procedure downtown.  Kathie just started her new job on Monday, so three families got involved and made this all happen.   Nathan and Mandy spent the night here and then did school with us the next day.  Mama took Marlissa to the test and meeting with the doc (which Kath was able to attend).  Nathan helping Lizzy with her homework and then the three kids around my dining room table. october 30 322 october 30 326

I also didn’t have a nurse that day.  What a great day!  I loved it.  Homeschooling and taking care of my baby – my heart was happy that day!  Wish life was stable enough that I could do that every day!

A self-discovery:  I have a new favorite candy.  Good-bye Peanut M&M’s, while I love you I found a truer love.  Chocolate covered almonds.  HEB has a wonderful little sack for $1.50.  Hmmm…..

I think I have some cute kids!

 IMG_8361IMG_8366October 30 017october 30 325

october 30 327What happens when two people in the same family are loving the same book?  There has to be two place marks and lots of “when you are done…..”  Great book, though.  Well worth the trouble!

The little girls got their report cards – both straight A’s, and Lizzy had straight E’s.  Jessi just needs to remember to turn in the homework she does every night and she’ll be there too!



october 30 330october 30 331october 30 333


I’m lovin’ that Bella can got off the vent a little.  She joined us for movie night!




Soccer shots – Liz thinks it great that her number is the same as her age!

october 30 368october 30 382

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