Sunday, February 14, 2010


feb 13 001Sammi has the most creative mind I have ever encountered!  She made herself a circuit and devised a trach collar.  Now she looks like Bella.  We play what we see, I guess.  




Me and my babies.  It has been a year since I took a picture like this one.  Remember this?  Look how they have grown!

feb 13 011 image feb 13 012


Joy loves the bald spot on the back of Jason’s head!  LOL!  It makes me laugh.  I have never captured it on film before.  She pushes his head forward so that she can rub his bald spot.  Jason is a good sport and let’s her.  :) 


Playing around

feb 13 054feb 13 007

 feb 13 055 feb 13 057 feb 13 051


I love this picture of Becca and Bella!






 feb 13 079

The girls had a fun Primary Activity on Saturday.  They all brought Valentine’s and exchanged them with their classmates.  There was a great deal of sugar involved, of course.  :)  Becca had her last basketball game of the season.  She is fine with that.  :) 


feb 13 087


My goal each week is to find the laundry room floor.  I usually make my goal by Wednesday.  This week, alas, it was Saturday before I was able to see this shining surface.  Oh well – there’s always next week.  :)

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