Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun Week

Feb 26 hoe down 001This week was the Hoe Down at school (2 previous posts) and Cyndi visited with her boys (separate post)!  We only had one nursing problem – wahoo!  Sammi started attending Art Club.  This is the mask she made.  Becca and I went to New Beginnings.  And Lizzy started piano lessons.  Busy week, now that I think about it!  :)

The weather is starting to warm up – yeah!  I’m so tired of the cold and my dry, itchy skin.  I do need a little humidity, not as much as we get in August, but some.

Feb 26 hoe down 004

Feb 26 hoe down 003

Becca after New Beginnings.  We are excited about the new Personal Progress changes.  Becca can earn the Young Womenhood Recognition again and receive the new medallion.  She can also earn a Bee Charm by helping someone else earn their Recognition.  So now she is busy again!  :)  Feb 26 hoe down 007 Feb 26 hoe down 010

Cute Lizzy….

Feb 26 hoe down 008 Feb 26 hoe down 009 

feb 28 001


Sammi’s Scrimmage:  She was so nervous, but she did really well.  I’m glad she had the scrimmage to get her nerves worked out because she has two games this coming Saturday.  Good luck baby!



Cute, studious girls….  Lizzy made this pallet on Bella’s floor.  I’m glad the girls love each other.  Becca had to draw or trace some pictures for her social studies project.  We didn’t have any tracing paper or a light box.  So she came up with this:  my clear cutting board on top of a lamp.  Such a smart girl!

feb 28 012 feb 28 013

In the spirit of the Olympics:  Jason has loved learning about and watching curling.  When we were raking on Saturday, we came up with a new Olympic sport – leaf raking.  Instead of throwing away our leaves, we pile all of our leaves into a section of our backyard the girls call “the forest.”  The girls love to play back there.  To get the leaves back there, we scoop them up in old sheets and haul them on our shoulders.  (The girls look like Santa Claus with his pack. :)  )  Back to our new sport.  There is the one person version.  You must be careful not to rake too hard or the leaves fly over the top of the sheet.  But not be too soft or it takes forever to get everything picked up.  Jason prefers the three man version.  First you check the direction of the wind, and then place the sheet where a combination of muscles and wind will move all of the leaves quickly into the sheet.  Our gold medal winners in the 3 man version:

feb 28 014  feb 28 016

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