Friday, August 22, 2008

Warning: Politics

I am a conservative Republican. Truthfully, I have some Libertarian views, but not totally. So given the 2 choices we currently have, I will vote Republican.
This is my blog, so I will post my views here. Feel free to not read this one. It is NOT about my beautiful family.

It is about late term abortion - the PC term for giving birth to a baby and then killing it. I have spent too many hours in NICU to see it any other way. On one floor of a hospital they spend millions of dollars to save our sweet babies and on another they kill them. And it is about Obama. I wish people would look at his voting record. What does this man stand for? It is not what I stand for. It is not about family or protecting the innocent. He is more than a black man. I wish people could see beyond his skin color. This is not the election to break the color barrier. He is a man. Get over the color of his skin and listen to what you would do to our country. I fear for our country. I truly do.

Watch here

It you think this video sensationalizes abortion or this nurse's experience, go to Youtube. There are far more graphic and disturbing videos. I thought this one was pretty clean.

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Blarney Girl said...

I've been hearing and reading quite a bit about this the past few days.

I think our political views are pretty similar. I'm a Conservative with Libertarian views; especially when it comes to the Constitution and States Rights.

Regardless of who wins the election, I'm not very excited about how the next 4 years are going to play out.