Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sammi & Becca's Trip to Utah

Sammi and Becca went to Utah to visit Linda Herrrington!  They had a wonderful time!  They went up into the Mountains and saw where the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley.  This summer they have seen where the pioneers left Nauvoo and then where they arrived in Utah!

  utah 004 utah 006

This is called the Devil's Slide        The girls and Linda - they loved the mountains!


This is Linda's dog, Summer.  Everyone loves Linda's baby.


This is Sammi, the dog, playing in Summer kennel.  :)


The girls having fun with the neighbor's kids.


They went to see the Great Salt Lake - kinda brown.


Becca floating in the Lake.

utah 021 

We told the girls they had to get some salt water taffy.  Here they are at Taffy Town!

It was yummy!

utah 031 

They were able to tour Temple Square.  Cute Sammi and the beautiful flowers.

utah 040

My beautiful girls and the lovely flowers.

utah 046 utah 051

Aren't the grounds wonderful?                     I love this shot of the temple!!

utah 055 

I told Sammi that this is HER temple!  Since Joy's temple is the Nauvoo temple where she was sealed to her family,  the Salt Lake City temple is Sammi's temple because she is sealed to her family because Jason and I were sealed here.  (and Becca and Jessi and Lizzy too!)

utah 062

My girls in the bridal alcove - one day it'll be them and their husbands.  Hopefully that day isn't TOO soon!

The girls had a wonderful time - Thank you Linda!

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