Friday, August 15, 2008

Lizzy Still Has 10 Fingers!

Today for whatever reason, Lizzy decided to stick her finger into the  hole of a lid of Dial soap - for the fun of exploration probably. 

Soon I was alerted to this process by the screaming.

Lizzy's finger was stuck fast.  That little finger was NOT coming out.

We unscrewed the lid from the container and ran it under cold water.  (My First Aid teacher would be so proud!)  It was still not coming off.  I used my large clippers and then the scissors - nothing.

Aug 15 003

At this point I am feeling the beginnings of panic.

I left the kids in Becca's care and ran across the street to the Heckers.  What would we do without the Heckers?  They are true life savers!

Melissa and I tried cutting it.  We (really she) made a good dent in the plastic, but that thing was NOT coming off and Lizzy was wailing.

We soaked her finger in COLD water (ice cubes floating in the sink).  It was so cold.  Our hope was to reduce some of the swelling.  My hope was it would get so cold, it would be numb and we could work some more.  No good.  Her finger was swollen around the lip of the lid.  Melissa is a Saint!  She should be a pediatric nurse - she was fabulous with Liz.

Finally Jack showed up, took one look at it and proclaimed he knew exactly what to do.  He went and got his very big, industrial strength, toe nail clippers with a very tight and sharp point.  While Melissa and I held her, Jack removed the plastic ring from her finger!

Large exhale!  What would we do without the Heckers?  Thank you Jack!  Thank you Melissa!

 Aug 15 002

About one hour later, but Lizzy's index finger is still intact!

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Kathie said...

That must have been scarey - hopefully she won't be doing that again! I so excited that the home study is done and you can move closer to getting Jeffrey!! It looks like the girls had a wonderful time on their vacation!