Saturday, August 30, 2008

Passports, Cats, and Dropping Offs

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School has started! This year I have four students at the Klein Texas Academy. I have a fourth grader (Sammi), a third grader (Jessi), a first/Kindergartener (Lizzy), and a little princess who will be 15 months tomorrow! My students are studying the normal subjects and then a course called "Children Around The World." I think it's going to be wonderful! If you come by our house, you will see our huge world map in the dining room (built in review at dinner time with Dad - there is a method to my madness!). We have learned about the continents, the major oceans, and how to use longitude and latitude to find places on a map. We are learning about countries and cultures. This week we made our own passports. I was so excited to show them my passport. It was the first time I wished that I still had my old passport from when I was kid. I could have shown them all of my visas! At least I can show them one when I get home from the Ukraine with Jeffrey! The kids favorite thing this week was seeing toilets from around the world (we saw TVs, food, and toilets this week). They are grateful for our white porcelain throne! (me too!) Sammi and Jessi's weekly reports are below.

How was the first week of school you ask? Well, I was sick and Joy was sick. It was Yeah, that's the word. :) We survived. It is going to get better and better. Sammi and Jessi have slipped right back into their school routines. Lizzy is picking up reading so quickly! Yeah girls!

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We have two new members of our family - Pumpkin and Emma. They are much loved. And, yes, we are crazy - five kids, five pets. No, I have no intention of getting another pet when Jeffrey gets home. I'm crazy enough as is. :)

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And what we have all been waiting for....................How was Becca's first week? For those of you that don't know, Becca started public school this week. She is in 7th Grade at Doerre. She is taking three honors classes (math, English, and Science), social studies, band, skills for living/keyboarding (both only 1 semester), and the beloved PE. So far she is happy. The homework load has already started and it's intense. I don't know how these kids do it all. She is still happy after one week. She is making friends. So far, so good.


Kathie said...

Becca, You are amazing!!!! I am so proud of you for working so very hard! I can't believe you did it only 9 months - you are awesome! I hope that school continues to go well - you are very smart and can learn quickly so you will do fabulous! Love ya so much, Kathie

Sarah said...

Your blue point Siamese kitty looks just like our Phoebe. Very sweet!