Friday, March 31, 2017

Shunt 3.0

At 3:30 this morning, Alex came in and woke me up.  He was upset and fussy. He didn't want to cuddle and go back to sleep. Weird. OK, let's try a shower. Alex loves showers.  He'd be in the water all day if I'd let him. No, he didn't want a shower. That was my first red flag. So we got re-dressed and then he started vomiting. Second flag, and that's it. We got dressed and woke Sammi and Jessi to let them know what was going on.

ER had us in CT and x-ray almost immediately. Doctor was saying even if the CT is clean, you are going downtown, she didn't like how he was presenting.

We got through the CT and x-rays. Three adults to make sure we got the pictures  we needed. I thought something must be up because we kept taking more and more pictures.

We got back to our room and the cute doctor said I don't even need a radiologist to read that CT. His shunt is malfunctioning. They called down and talked with neurosurgery and ordered the ambulance to get us down there.

The paramedics got us to Norton Children's in record time and delivered us to pre-op. Everyone showed up, I answered lots of questions, signed forms, and they took my sweet boy away.

The neurosurgeon said the tubing had come off of the actual device in his head, so the fluid had no where to go.  Its unusual for that to happen at this age, but it can happen. 

So we are here in the hospital all repaired with two new scars on his little body. He's being a champ! Just have to recover some, get some IV antibiotics onboard, and have some repeat tests tomorrow to make sure those ventricules are going down.  So grateful!!

So grateful that everything worked so smoothly today. My baby had a need and they provided the fix.  So grateful he has access to this wonderful medical care that keeps him alive!!!!20170331_10295120170331_103004



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