Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Little of This and a Little of That

Sweet Ellie (and her Mama) gave me a super cute valentine’s card – aren’t they adorable?

20170223_105738 - Copy20170223_105741 - Copy

Playing with Lizzy’s hair during scripture time

20170225_214128 - Copy20170225_214136 - Copy

This beautiful girl with her contacts

20170226_104719 - Copy

Lizzy and I have to get glasses – we had way too much fun trying on different frames!

20170227_122240 - Copy20170227_123117 - Copy

This smart girl was accepted to YPAS – the Performing Arts High School!!!

20170227_171614 - Copy

I went on a tour of Kentucky School for the Blind.  I loved the Kindergarten teacher.  So grateful for resources for Brother!!

20170228_111239 - Copy

Hmmm…..we have decided to adopt again!!!!!!  So exciting!!!  Sending off our home study application.   

Early Spring – so pretty!


My sweet boy (looking WAY TOO BIG) listening to music while we wait for Sammi during her driving lesson.


Lizzy – at the dentist.  Seriously – that hair!!!

And her birthday ice cream cone – yum!


Our new glasses  (bifocals – ick!)


Sammi found her prom dress – she is so excited!


After our FBI fingerprint appointment (Home study requirement), Jason and I went over to a Chinese restaurant to grab dinner for everyone.  Any guesses which country we have decided to adopt from ???   Smile


Some really cool clouds – the picture does not do it justice.  They looked quilted.  It was so pretty!


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