Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Life

My life is to take care of people. 

To watch Sweet Ellie – I LOVE how her whole face lights up when she sees me!  :)


Toulouse, the cat that I am not that fond of, started acting CRAZY – and Sammi insisted we go to the vet.  We learned my cat is prone to bladder stones and is now on an expensive prescriptive diet.  Still not fond of the cat.

Joy and Bella and “alle” class (Ballet class)

Selfies on the way to dance:


The joy of a cupcake and French fries afterwards


Lizzy had her audition for YPAS.  I couldn't go in, so I have no idea how it went, other than she was smiling when she came out.  Was that because it was finally over or because she did well?  Yes.  We’ll have the results, hopefully, by the end of February.  (Have I mentioned how much like Bec she is?  So determined?  So motivated? Such an over achiever!  <3 ya Liz!)


Ellie and I hanging out taking selfies.


Our big girls have been super stressed of late.  I mean you could almost see the stress cracks forming.  Late Thursday Jason and I were laying in bed discussing them and their stress cracks.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get away?  Oh yes.  We could go to Iowa.  But their house in on the market, we can’t take the littles.  So we decided to send Jason and the three bigs to Iowa while the littles and I hung out here. 

We sent Daddy lots of pictures so he would know what we were up to.

Got cleaned up and all match-y


Took care of baby Ellie


Brother and I blew raspberries at each other.


While Joy and I made cookies, Bella emptied my desk and played dress up


LOVE how Ellie sucks her thumb!  We played blocks


Becca came by after work.


It snowed Sunday morning.  Joy loves the snow!


We all survived and the girls seem calmer and more relaxed when they got home, albeit tired from the long drive.  A whole weekend to just chill!  Just what the doctor ordered.  :)



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