Saturday, January 21, 2017

Been a while since I’ve done a weekly post…

Gonna try and start again.  It’s good for my soul to process and record.


I got a new phone – a big screen for an old lady.  We were trying out the new camera :).

I sure do love this old guy – for how hard he works for our family, for the love he gives each of us, for putting up with me, for being our moon (Speechless reference)! 

He recently applied to be on the show “The Wall.”  I think I could happily live with several million dollars!  We have decided we would build a special home – one designed to house us the rest of our lives.  Places for Joy and Bella to be independent, but protected.  And a special spot for Alex, complete with deluxe sensory room.  One can dream!

Cute Joy loves the phone!


Sammi got her ears re-pierced.  She looks great!


Again they were playing with my phone…


They love Wednesday night – Ballet class – and McDonald’s for dinner and a cupcake from Gigi’s – who wouldn’t love Wednesday night?


Miss Independent – she just might kill me!  “NO! GO AWAY! STOP IT!”  She is determined to do everything herself lately. 

Good for you baby girl.  You can make it through this phrase Mama!


We adore this sweet baby!


The little girls have turtles in their classroom right now – and they love it!


Saturday was busy but in a stay at home way.  And I loved it!  It is unseasonably warm here so we got a lot done outside.  Liz, Sam, and I finally got the leaves raked.  (Yes, another Speechless reference (shame face))  Jes, Jason, and I got the sand into the basketball hoops so they are now safe. :)  Just general cleaning and shopping – but I loved it!  I am so thankful for my big girls.  They help out every single day.  Our family’s life would not be as smooth or as beautiful without them.  I have begun to think that Sammi is graduating this year.  Jessi is two after that.  And then Lizzy two after that.  I already miss them!  I love to watch them laughing together, showing each other silly things on their phones.  I so appreciate how they willingly watch the little ones so Jason and I can go to the grocery store by ourselves.  What will we do without them?  I am so thankful for them!  I hope they will always be friends after they leave our home and they don’t see each other all the time.

Sammi working some of the decaying leaves into her garden beds.


I love to watch Alex explore – he uses all of the senses he has to explore his world.  It makes me so proud of him!


Playing basketball


M&M tea party


In other news:

I think we are officially over strep – wahoo!

Bella went to cardiology – love that I can say that so flippantly!

Jessi and Sammi had another dentist appointment.  Sammi is getting close to being all done.  Poor Jessi has a while to go.  (Silent prayer that she and her husband have money – teeth problems don’t go away and they are expensive!)

Alex had his IEP – not said flippantly at all.

And Lizzy – where is she? Practicing!  She is applying to YPAS and her auditions are next Thursday.  She is working so hard.  She wants in.  I am amazed at all of her hard work!  I can only imagine what an opportunity this would be for her if she gets accepted.

And just a note to say how grateful I am that I have so many people to help the kids be the very best they can be – teachers, aids, OTs, STs, PTs, and Behaviorists.  I’m grateful that me and my brain don’t have to figure everything out by ourselves!

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