Sunday, August 28, 2016

Life Around Here

The girls love this cupcake kit from Melissa and Doug we bought at the fair!


I was so proud of Sam.  She saw that the Oldham County Arts Center was doing a play and she auditioned.  She memorized some lines, we made a quick head shot, and we went.  She learned so much – a monologue is not a few lines from the script and how seriously people take auditions, even for community theater.  But I was so proud of her for trying!!


We are trying to get into a routine around here.  If we could just stay healthy long enough to get a routine established!  HA!

This bug that has been passing around our house for the last two weeks is not nice – not at all!


We have been texting happy faces to our friend in the hospital.  Such a brave family!


Lizzy twisted her ankle again.  So I took her in to the doctor – she’s just messed with her ligaments.  It needs time to heal.  But I picked her up too early, so we stopped at Cake Flour for some tarts – super yummy!


While we were waiting for the doctor to come in, we were taking crazy pictures of our eyes.


Grandma keeps finding things that Ellie needs to have at Grandma’s house!


Saturday was extremely busy for me – I had a service project for a sweet family in our ward, I needed to run all of the Saturday errands, and mow the jungle we call a lawn.  Jason’s diabetes has been a beast lately and he just couldn’t do it and then he got the stomach bug on top of that.  I can mow and blow, but I can’t edge.  Today when we got home from church I noticed our neighbor had done some of the hardest bits.  I was so grateful!  I made him snickerdoodles and took them over to express my thanks.  He said something that I thought was awesome!  “Anytime. We’re here to help.”  I’ve noticed lately a need to be more service minded.  What a great mantra  - I wish I could make it mine!

Our Becca Lynn is now 35 weeks – the longest I ever carried a baby was 35 weeks!  Becca is doing great!  She is huge.  She feels like a beached whale -  and I love it!  Keep growing and being healthy sweet girl!

Lizzy painting her toe nails because Bec can’t reach her feet anymore Smile


We are extremely blessed – it’s been hot here and today we noticed our AC didn’t seem to be working at all.  81 inside a house is yucky!  We called our old home teacher and he came out to see what he could see.  He walked straight to our outside unit and our run converter – the piece that takes the electricity from the wall and converts it to what the AC needs had blown!  He happened to have the exact piece for our unit in his truck.  Cost for that piece? $17.  So grateful!

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