Saturday, August 06, 2016

Across the Walking Bridge

After two years in Louisville, we needed to all do the Walking Bridge.  Jessi isn’t a bridge girl – note to any future courters, don’t bring her here.  It’s not her thing!

We see all kinds on the bridge – most people are just walking and enjoying their day.  There are people playing music.  There were even some women who were there to pray for our country.  So I stopped and the three of us held hands and prayed for America and all of the racial divide going on.  I wish I had a picture of our hands – that’s what needs to go viral, hands of all colors joining in prayer for our country!


we stopped for frozen yogurt.  They have a porch and then a great back yard.  we loved the back yard with the fan blowing water – Bro’s fav!


we walked over to the candy store that Ms Pfister took us to.  We had to show the fam!


Back on the KY side is a splash pad.  We hadn’t anticipated stopping there, so the kids were in their normal clothes, but they LOVED it!


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