Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School!!

Monday was Meet the teacher at the little girls’ school.  They were so excited to see Mr. Farris!  Well, Joy was.


Tuesday Joy could not understand why she couldn’t go to school – she got herself dressed.  She had her backpack.  What is wrong with everyone?


Tuesday night was VIPS Back to School meeting – Brother LOVED the pizza!


And then Wednesday came – and we were ready!

The big girls leaving bright and early – 6:30AM buses – three buses for three schools:

Kammerer Middle, Eastern High, and Mary Ryan Academy



Finally – Joy got her way – waiting for the bus and so excited!


Out for dinner at Hot Pot – the girls thought the fortune was perfect for back to school– “You are not illiterate!”


(photo from school the 2nd day)   School is exhausting….


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