Sunday, June 26, 2016

Our Week

This is seriously my favorite time of day when we gather on our bed and read scriptures and talk about our day.  I just love it – probably because I love the people I’m with!


My Sammi left to go to Houston.  I miss her, but she seems like she’s having a great time!


Jessi and Jason went to see Civil War - they loved it!


Sleeping pictures cause they are cute


Lizzy went to Girl’s Camp with church.  I didn’t go this year Sad smile  We decided that the kids need too much Mama right now.  Hopefully in the future again!

Packing and getting ready..


Our ward


As part of her behavioral plan, Joy can earn French Fries. I’m not a fan of soda, but occasionally she gets some.  I just thought this was the cutest picture with her hugging her soda as she went to sleep!  Becca says Joy should be a commercial for McDonalds or “Onalds” as she calls it.


When I was checking on Joy, I was also checking on Bella – who was supposed to be sound asleep by now!

Jessi ended up babysitting quite a bit this week!


Kathie and her crew stopped in for about an hour on their way through town.  It was great to see them – the kids have grown so much!


Joy and I  :)                                                Fun at therapy


We are working on helping Joy accept girl babies.  She is determined that Becca is having a boy baby.  Whenever we talk about Ellie, which is all the time, she says, “No, boy!” 


Saturday we checked out a different swimming pool – this one is indoors.  We had a lot of fun!


And she’s home!  And hyper and full of stories!


Becca and I got all crafty and decorated Ellie’s name – I’m never crafty!  This is amazing for my craft ability level.  Can’t wait – 98 more days till her due date!