Sunday, June 05, 2016

First Week of Summer

Monday was Memorial Day.  We grilled on Sunday afternoon.  Monday Jason, Blake, Jessi and Lizzy went to see a movie.   We played games and wrestled. 

Afterwards we had cake for Joy.


When I took my job with CES, I didn’t think they worked in Summer – it’s Seminary, right?  Yeah, but it’s Institute too.  Sigh.  We work year round.  Ugh!  What would we do?  I haven’t worked during a summer since I quit working as a programmer – 15 years ago.

Well, we decided one sister would be in charge each day.  They had certain things they were to do each day – a craft being one of them.  And it’s going so well!  Truly – I am so grateful!

Sammi had Tuesday and Thursday.  I came in on Tuesday (Monday was Memorial Day) to a clean house, four freshly baked loaves of bread, fresh cookies in the jar, happy children, and these cute pictures of their craft – Joy made a dog, Sammi a bunny, and Bella a duck.  Seriously – this girl is much better at this homemaking stuff than I ever will be!


Wednesday was technically Joy’s birthday, so Jessi made birthday hats for their craft.


And Wednesday Sammi made fresh, hot, homemade mac and cheese.  I think I had a fruit and grain bar??   So far, so good.  And yes, I am paying them.


Thursday nights I go to Institute – it is so cool!  I love it!  Meanwhile at home, a firetruck came through our neighborhood and stopped in front of our neighbor’s house.  Jason and the kids went outside, worried about our neighbors.  The firefighters were raising money for Crusade for Children, a charity for children with special needs.  They let the kids get into the fire truck and play around – so fun!


super short video – but you can see how he is checking out the vibrations of the truck

Friday was therapy all morning – Joy was so afraid that I was going to take her back to school afterwards  :).  That evening, Bella had a dress rehearsal for the Crusade for Children.



Saturday morning – I just love this picture!!  Sammi swears she was born in the wrong era – she is spinning wool into thread and loving every second of it.  Meanwhile Jessi is beside her, reading fan fiction on her laptop.  Talk about a multigenerational photo of sisters born two years apart :)


And because I think he’s the cutest little guy on the planet!!


Lizzy had a group recital Saturday morning.


Joy, Bella, and I had the best afternoon! The girls' teacher, Missy Pfister, planned a super day for us! Renae Hart and Chrystine Strothman came with us! There is something about being in the presence of three women who love your babies! So much fun! So much love!
We were picked up in a limo (my first ever!), went to Schimpff's Confectionery and then over to the Derby Dinner Playhouse to watch Pinkalicious. It was a party!
We have been so blessed to have these three wonderful women to teach and love on our babies! I truly love them because they love my babies!



The girls LOVED the limo!!  Not sure how it’s legal, but they loved not having to wear seatbelts, moving around, controlling the lights and the air – everything!  We sang and laughed.  It was so much fun!


The candy store was great!  it’s 125 years old and they were so sweet to the girls!


Then we were off to Derby Dinner Playhouse to watch Pinkalicious.  It was so well done!  There is a buffet before, then you can order dessert, and finally the show!  The actors were so cute!  it was so faithful to the book – which the girls adore!  Their teacher did an entire unit on Pinkalicious – they knew the story and LOVED it!


A pink cupcake, of course!


I loved watching Joy and Bella watch the show – just watching their enjoyment made me so happy!


It was so much fun – four women who love two little girls – how could it not be?

We have been so blessed to have Miss Pfister and Mrs. Hart for two years, and now they are moving on.  My heart breaks.  I am so excited for them, but selfishly, I will miss them.  When people love your babies, you love them and want to keep them forever!

That night was Crusade for Children – the big fundraiser for children with special needs.  They do so much good here in Louisville.  Bella’s dance group performed – I was so proud.  To watch that little monkey dancing on stage.  That little crazy girl who shouldn’t even be here, and yet she is so full of life!  Yes, tears came to my eyes!  And yes, she will be doing this next year!


We grabbed some Thai food afterwards (yes, it was after 9PM, we were starving and Fast Sunday was the next morning!)


What an amazing day!

I got to sub in Bella’s class today.  Jason sat in with me to help with Bella.  One of the little ones asked a question which launched us into a discussion of the Plan of Salvation – it was about bad guys – anyways it was a fun lesson.  After class, Jason took this picture, which embarrassed me, but since this is us, here is my lesson chalkboard – yes, I am an amazing artist :)


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