Saturday, January 16, 2016

This Week

SNOW finally came to the Ohio Valley – but it came just the way I like it.  It came, it didn’t interfere with the commute times, so life went on like normal and it was gone by Wednesday!

Joy, though, LOVES snow!  She was so excited to get all dressed and shovel the back yard and the trampoline Smile




I thought the snow was pretty on my rock bed


Sammi’s snowman – looks like some kind of snow fowl to me!


Monday Jason and I meet with Joy’s new behaviorist, Miss Lili.  She brought the dignostic instruments for diagnosiing ADD – she feels Joy falls into the hyperactive, impulsive catergories.  When I mentioned it to her teacher, she just laughed.  There’s some comfirmation.  Now we have to go through all the proper channels and figure out what we are going to do with this new diagnosis.

Tuesday’s shoveling

Tuesday Jason also had his Kidney Stones blasted.  Poor guy had been dealing with this one for a week.


Lizzy and the Honor Roll for the 1st and 2nd Six Weeks.


We asked if Joy could join Bella’s dance class.  Joy was so excited, but her attention span is so microscopic, the teacher is concerned.  We’ll see how it goes.


jas pic 2jason pics1

Two happy girls who got fries


Beautiful sunrise!




Friday night Jason and I got away for dinner and some shopping.  We were looking for some British baking “must haves.”  We just finished The Great British Baking Show and want to try our hand at some of the recipes.  We didn’t find a thing, but we found some true treasures:

chocolatejas pic 3

Basketball season at church has started.  Lizzy is my sports girl of the three in YW.  She has fun, and she adds, they won!

liz bball

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