Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Snowy and Semi Relaxing Week

Sunday morning Joy and I dropped Jason off at the airport.  He was off in Sunny California at a class all week – remember that tidbit as you continue to read of our week.




Monday was MLK Day, and we relaxed.  It was seriously the first day since before Thanksgiving that we didn’t have somewhere to be or something to do – I loved it!  The girls and I did nothing of importance all day long – laundry, cooking, and Netflix.  A day to recoup – ahh!

Tuesday we all went to school and work – and prepared.  The weatherpeople throught the world was going to end, so I, like everyone else, bought bread and milk, just in case.

Wednesday  - Snow day – no work, no school.  Grand total – about four inches.  Joy loved it, we all shoveled it (without our Daddy!)

Thursday – all of the roads in Louisville weren’t clear yet, so another Snow Day.  But I really had things I had to get done at work, so I went in.  Again the media predicted our lives were going to end – 8 inches were forecasted, so all of Louisville and I went back to the grocery store again just in case….

Friday – school was cancelled.  We got a grand two inches.  (Boo!)  But I did fret all day.  Jason was supposed to come home in the afternoon and that wind was crazy.  Blowing snow is not fun to drive in, and I couldn’t imagine landing a plane in it either!  Jason had a layover in Phoenix and Cyndi agreed to take him in should he get stranded (Thank you Cyn!!).  But Louisville Airport and Southwest got him home!  Yeah to them and yeah to me for driving across town Smile

We were glad to have our Daddy home – and someone to help us shovel the driveway come Saturday morning Winking smile






OT gave us this spinning board – it is so much fun!


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