Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Grandma School

Have you seen the new Friend this month?  I am loving this new section! https://www.lds.org/bc/content/shared/content/images/magazines/friend/2016/01//january-2016-friend-magazine-mormon_1632218_prt.pdf
There's a new prophet, character attribute, and a scripture to memorize for each month. 

The homeschooling Mama in me is dying!!!  This would be such fun to incorporate into a preschool curriculum.

Review/ teach the story of Nephi. 
Draw pictures of the story.
Act it out.
Child dictates and illustrates story.
Watch videos of the story from lds.org
Talk about obedience, defining the term in a child like way.
How was Nephi obedient?
Draw it
Act it out
Work on memorizing scripture daily- breaking into chunks.
Add in literature displaying obedience
Draw pictures of how the characters displayed obedience.
Make a book about Nephi and others who displayed obedience.
Write a story with the child as a character in the book showing obedience.
Make a bigger year long book.  Add Nephis picture, the scripture, and the child's dictated description of the monthly character attribute.  Add child's pictures from the month from scripture story as well as from literature.

Add in calendar and lots of mathematical and science / nature exploration.  
Just sounds like fun to me!!

So hope I get to teach my grand babies when they come- and that is not an announcement!! That is just me missing teaching little people :). 

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