Friday, April 17, 2015

What was lost, now is found!

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Jacquet, Becca’s cat, disappeared about two weeks ago.  We searched.  We called.  We made posters.  We talked to vets.  We got on  We posted on several Facebook sites.  Her picture was shared by many.  And nothing. 

Still we prayed.

And Joy asked me about a million times a day, “Where cat?”

We prayed harder.

Two weeks.  Terrible rain storms.  Flooding.  We were worried.  Jacquet, while a beautiful cat, is not the most intelligent beast on the face of the Earth.  Being an indoor cat, what would she do with thunderstorms?  Food? Protection?

This morning around 5:45 AM, there was some persistent meowing at our back door – Jacquet was home!


Joy’s first words were:  “Cat!  Gecca happy!”

Welcome home Jacquet!  (Becca is getting you a GPS collar!)

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