Friday, April 17, 2015

Our Week

Monday and therapy for Bro – he worships the swing.  He was so funny on the slide.  He knows that it feels different, so he explores and explores that inclined plane!

2015-04-13 April 18 0062015-04-13 April 18 010

2015-04-13 April 18 0122015-04-13 April 18 013

They have started a Special Needs team for baseball!  Joy and Bella had so much fun at the first meeting!  They are so cute!  The field is astro turf so if the kids have wheelchairs or walkers it’s easier for them.  Excited for this opportunity for them!

2015-04-13 April 18 0142015-04-13 April 18 0152015-04-13 April 18 0162015-04-13 April 18 017

Dress down day – actual clothes!  It pays to be smart!

2015-04-14 April 18 007

Tuesday Joy and Bella went to the ENT. Fun times!

VIPS went on a Field Trip to Bernheim Forest.  Yes, that is a snake on Ranger Whitney’s back, and yes, Brother did touch it!  I was on the other side of the room helping another little friend so I didn’t get a picture.  You’ll just have to trust me.

2015-04-15 April 18 0022015-04-15 April 18 0032015-04-15 April 18 011

So thankful for Brother’s school!

2015-04-15 April 18 015

And this is why – they LOVE him!  I don’t worry about him AT ALL while he is away from me!

2015-04-15 April 18 0232015-04-15 April 18 0242015-04-15 April 18 027

Jacquet has been a bit clingy lately Smile

2015-04-17 April 18 0352015-04-17 April 18 001

Thursday I got to sub at VIPS again.  So much fun!  I love being there!

Sammi’s breakfast taco.  She wanted something beyond the normal breakfast!  Yummy!

2015-04-18 April 18 0012015-04-18 April 18 002

Friday therapy, the Stinker, I mean Joy. We are at therapy for three hours on Fridays.  The girls alternate between OT and ST, and then Bella has PT.  We just hang out in the gym while Bella works that last hour.  To entertain herself this time Joy found a piece of something that they use for therapy for stretching (my Dad used it for his shoulder).  It was alternatively rope to tie up Sammi and a rein for me, the horse.

2015-04-17 April 18 0032015-04-17 April 18 0092015-04-17 April 18 014

Crazy Bella girl loves Happy Teaching Songs, ABC Phonics Song.  Texting her teacher, we learned they watch this song every day!  Teaching has changed so much since I was in the classroom twenty years ago!

Bella getting a new walker!  PT likes her to use it behind her.

2015-04-17 April 18 0112015-04-17 April 18 0172015-04-17 April 18 021

After dropping off the girls at school, it’s back for ST for Brother.  “More Swing!”

2015-04-17 April 18 0222015-04-17 April 18 0232015-04-17 April 18 025

Jason took Sammi out for sushi for lunch!  One happy girl!

2015-04-17 April 18 0402015-04-17 April 18 0412015-04-17 April 18 043

That night it was Lizzy’s turn to join Mama and Daddy on Date Night.  She wanted Indian.  We burned out mouths off, but it was so yummy!  I am always so grateful for the Lassis to drink!

2015-04-17 April 18 0472015-04-17 April 18 048

Meanwhile, everyone else enjoyed pizza!

2015-04-17 April 18 002

My Sammi is now on home bound instruction till the end of the school year.  Her teacher will come out twice a week to teach her.

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