Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Week

Monday, as MLK day, was a school holiday.  We meet Kathie and Grandma at Burroughs Park.


Bella adores Samuel!!


Wednesday I took Bella to the orthopedist.  Lizzy was able to go to Horizons (thanks to Becca for picking her up).  She made this beautiful star.


That night at YW Jessi and Sammi had so much fun with parachute games.


This week we didn’t eat much with so many of us sick and just not wanting food.  But we pulled off two meals.  I found an Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook – so very English food.  One day we had Bangers and Mash (and learned why they are called Bangers :)  ) and a meat and potato pie. (super yummy!!)






Brother moving beyond puffs and onto cereal.  Playing in his new room.IMG_3016IMG_3017

Bella loves to see herself!                          Playing in the beans


Look how big Brother is getting!!              Bella had to jump in with Brother in the sink!IMG_3023IMG_3026

ISU items are popping up at our house!


Brother loves water!!       This poor boy – we are working on standing and standing is so very scary!! There is nothing in front of him.  He doesn’t like it AT ALL!  But I want him to work on walking as well, so we keep pushing him. 


I ordered some special jeans for Joy with her Christmas money.  The company, Downs Design, called me on the phone and sent me two different sizes so I could make sure and get the right fit.  I cuffed them and they will hemmed them and will send them back.  I am so impressed!  What an amazing company!!


Bella made a noodle necklace,   Grocery shopping with the babies – love normal things!!


Brother and Jessi checking out a cool app           Lizzy’s new bedspread – she loves it!


Saturday – one happy Becca.  She recorded all of her songs and scales and sent them to ISU.  Now we just wait to see if and how much of a scholarship she’ll get.  Jessi played basketball with YW.  (Sammi was still home sick.)


That night we had a family dinner.  Sammi and Bella were sick, so I stayed home with them, but everyone else went and had a great time!

photo 1 (8)photo 2 (7)photo 3 (6)photo 2 (8)photo 3 (7)IMG_0453

  Adorable Brother!

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