Friday, January 25, 2013


Alex will be 14 months old on Sunday.  During PT today I was teasing him that it’s time to start walking.  He can’t stand independently yet, so I’m a little premature, but a Mom can always hope, right? 

On a whim we decided to put him in sister’s gait trainer – and this was the result!!!

LOVE IT – so grateful we have all of Bella’s equipment for Alex to borrow!

An awesome thing about the gait trainer, as he continues to use it, is he’ll be able to explore and learn to walk without bumping into things.  A safety box for him since he can’t see where he’s going.

Also got a State of Texas Eye Exam paper in the mail.  It’s the official paper that ophthalmologists have to fill out for people to prove they are blind.  Reading “legally blind” and “prognosis permanent” still creates a pit in my stomach.  Kinda of a best of all times, worst of all times kinda of a day!

Love ya Alex!

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