Sunday, January 06, 2013

Our Week

And then we were back home…and Joy was so excited to see her puppy.  While we were gone, she would occasionally look at me and tell me that puppy was sad.  So we would blow her kisses from afar.  Joy was happy to hold her puppy again!  

This outfit!  Last year I found it among my Christmas decorations and I had the impression that there was another baby coming to our home.  So as I packed it up last year, I was confused.  Where was the baby?  Then we got the call about a baby girl in January. And while she didn’t end up placing, we did get out home study updated and were ready when Alex came.  What a joy he has been!  Little did I know back at Christmas 2011 that little Alex was in fact having his first Christmas, just not with us, in a NICU in San Jose, CA.  So the impression was right and ultimately led us to Alex.  It just wasn’t in the time line I had expected.


New Year's Eve we went over to Kathie’s and had a great time.  Once we got home, though, we didn’t quite make it to midnight.– the girls were disappointed.  But the next morning they ate their smoked oysters and drank their sparkling grape juice.  (ick- I have no idea how they did that in the morning!  Too early for me)  While the parade played, we took down Christmas.


The rest of the week the girls wanted to play and play and play.



IMG_2892IMG_2900Becca has been having problems with her shoulder.  We checked it out with the orthopedist and it’s not bone or muscles.  Her orchestra director and other music adult people she knows, thought it might be her that her instrument was too big for her body.  So we traded in her beautiful viola (that she had named Ludwig) and bought a full size violin restrung as a viola.  So far, so go.  She can play again without pain.  Her Senior recital is coming up in January as are college auditions.  So we are grateful this all got straightened out.

Jason and I refinanced out house.  We have been talking about it for forever and finally just did it.  We were pleased with the 2.99% interest rate.  We now have a 15 year loan, instead of a 30 and our payment went up $7.  Awesome!                       

Donut holes from our new cake pop maker.


Don’t know why – but Brother hates books.  Never had a kid that didn’t like books before.  So we are working on overcoming this aversion.  I am starting to see some success :)

Miss Jessi has been growing – sorry Becca.  Another one is taller than you!IMG_2895IMG_2901

Wednesday Sister Clark, our YW Pres, took Jessi and a bunch of girls out for a hamburger (they had completed a challenge).  She had so much fun!  And then basketball practice that night. 


Thursday Danielle and Marissa stopped by for a visit.  The kids got to play.  Friday Jessi and Lizzy went to a movie with Marissa and her family.  It’s fun having family so close!

These stockings!!  FINALLY, I got them monogrammed.  Seriously, Sammi is 14!  But it’s done and I am so pleased!


Becca’s Christmas present is Ballet lessons.  So we had to go buy all the clothes that go with that world.  She is so excited!      

Brother.  He was sitting up so nicely in Iowa.  We came home and he can’t do it anymore.  Ugh – regression, you are not my friend!  The PT and the PTA both told me they think it’s just that he has grown (he is now a whooping 20 lb 5 oz) and his center of gravity is off.  He’ll just have to figure it out again.


Christmas 2.0 My family came over for presents

Had to get a picture of the twins!


Brother – Jessi sharing her music with him.  And then this – it’s new.  Out of the blue, he’ll turn his head so he’s looking at you through the very bottom of his eyes.  Really like he’s looking.  For a second and then it’s gone.  I don’t know what it means, but I’m hoping he’s seeing and wanting to process those impulses.  We’ll see.


Too cute Brother pictures


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