Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Week

Look who is climbing up the stairs!!!  We went and took Becca to give more blood – nothing, again!  She is a little frustrated.



Playing outside



Since I took Bec out early for labs, we kept her out the rest of the day, I loved seeing Sammi and Becca hanging out together!   The little girls had friends over.  A fun day!


IMG_7211A fun evening for Jessi – all of the 5th Grade String players in the district went skating!  Very fun








Tuesday, besides our normal fun, sweet Bella wasn’t doing well and we had to head downtown to the ER.  Sammi had a hard time with us leaving.  I was so grateful when we were able to come home.


There are too many viruses going around this town!  Oh well, we watched movies, paint pictures, and paint our toe nails – that was fun!





Bella tried mechanical soft during speech therapy.  We were all so excited for this big step!




Therapy, j-ow-e-s for Joy, and cute Sammi, and the girls playing together


The Young Women made these beautiful invitations for New Beginnings.  Meanwhile Our friend Linda and I spent the evening/night at the Tomball ER.  She was admitted the next day.




Play hard, sleep hard, sweet girl                  Friday Pizza and a movie


Sammi started going back to the chiropractor and it really seems to help with her back pain and headaches.  I attended a meeting for camp.  It’s amazing how much planning goes into these things so far in advance. 

The girls went to a fun Activity Days Stake activity.  They loved seeing Mandy there!  We loved seeing my Mom since she dropped in here while they were there!  SmileJason and I both got our physicals done and we got the animals into the vet.      The girls and their friends played.  Since Linda is in the hospital, her dog stays here with us.  Joy loves her!  Jason and Becca made some great Chinese food for dinner.  A busy, but productive Saturday.


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Donna Leavitt said...

Linda was just in the hospital. I hope she feels better soon. Is she OK?