Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Week

Monday was a school holiday.  The middle girls and I went to the park for a picnic that Sammi packed for us!

Jan 16 092Jan 16 101Jan 16 110Jan 16 115

Back home the little girls played outside

Jan 16 122Jan 16 128Jan 16 124

Becca got her glasses adjusted.   Becca got new feathers put into her hair and everyone had friends over.

Jan 22 001Jan 22 005Jan 22 004Jan 22 007Jan 22 003

Jan 22 008Tuesday we were back to the daily grind.  Becca has been sick for a while now.  She has lost five pounds over the last month and fifteen over the last quarter.  She is tired, (whiney), and lethargic.  Her lymph nodes are swollen.  I suspected mono.  So we went to the doctor who agreed that it sounded like textbook mono, but all her labs come back fine.  Sigh.  Seems she has inherited the Ball/Turpin curse of having unidentifiable illnesses.  We are going to check her thyroid on Monday. 

Other than that we were back to art, music therapy, OT, ST, 5th Grade Strings, the normal.   Sammi water colored a picture of our cookie jar.  Joy was so excited to see the swing come back in OT!  Bella loves music therapy! 

Jan 22 009Jan 22 027

Jan 22 011Jan 22 012

Sammi continues to get praises for her clay figurines.  And my Jason – he LOVES to cook.  I had to take a picture!

Jan 22 028Jan 22 031

Wednesday Becca had what I would call a teacher in-service meeting to learn more about teaching music to 5th Graders.  She is so excited for her opportunity next year to work with the music teacher at Mittlestedt Elementary.

The rest of the week was normal.  Calls to doctors, clarification of orders, calls to pharmacies, more therapy, more lessons, more living.

I love to see the girls playing together!

Jan 22 029

Sweet Bella

Jan 22 035Jan 22 037

Sammi and I made a library run.  We grabbed lunch (and cupcakes)!

Jan 22 039Jan 22 040

Joy being cute!                                                        Sammi’s fun hair do

Jan 22 042 Jan 22 043

The weather has been in the 70s here!  My plants are so confused!  And it has happened – Sammi is now officially taller than Becca.

Jan 22 044Jan 22 054

Saturday the girls went for a bike ride and came home with some friends.  I love that the first thing they do is introduce their friends to Bella and Joy.  And I love that their friends play with my babies!

Jessi teaching her friend how to sign “apple.”   Playing outside

 Jan 22 055Jan 22 057Jan 22 062

Lizzy had to play outside in the water – it’s January, right?  Sammi went to a Beehive activity.  They made pizzas.  Sammi brought the ingredients to make our famous peanut butter pizza.  It was quite a hit. 

Jan 22 065Jan 22 069

Joy came in the bathroom while Becca was doing her make-up, so Becca put some on Joy.  She is such a pretty girl!

Jan 22 068

Saturday night we tried out a new hair do – sock curls.  Lizzy looked really cute!

Jan 22 066Jan 22 071

Jason read this article on Meridian Magazine this week.  I think it might be life changing!  He is eating differently.  He is talking about food and exercise.  He has been to the weight room at our clubhouse twice this week.  I have to say that I am so very, very proud of him.  I love him whether he is 300 pounds or 200 pounds.  I love him for the man he is, for his gentleness, and the way he cares for his family and me.  But I know this is something that he thinks about and struggles with.  I love to see the light and excitement in his eyes when he talks about this!

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