Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monday – Dr Louis all day with Bella then off to an orientation for a high school program for Sammi.  When I told Sammi about the High School program, she got really excited!  This is huge – she normally gets really anxious.  I think it might be a good fit.  It’s an Early College High School, meaning they can take college classes while in High School as they qualify for them.  We still have a little time yet, but I am so grateful to have options.  No nurse that night.  (tired Mama)

Tuesday – the girls got up extra early (read 5AM) so they can play Wii before going to school.  Crazy girls!  Bella got to have her first Music Therapy class!  She loves it!

Jan 16 002Jan 16 004

Duck, Duck, Goose in therapy!   Jessi got her cast off.  Her arm hasn’t completely healed so she has a wrist brace for another month.  But at least she can bath and, more importantly to her, scratch it!

Jan 16 006Jan 16 013

Wednesday our front door knob literally fall apart.  We all pried and poked it, but the Speech Therapist was the one that finally was able to break it all down.  Jason went out and got us a new one that night.  Becca posted on Facebook, “I broke into a house!”

Jan 16 011Jan 16 012

Swinging and playing outside – so fun!  Becca had a TFME (Texas Future Music Educators) meeting.  They were supposed to bring treats.  Her Orchestra Director is gluten intolerant, so she made gluten free Peanut Butter cookies.  Yummy, by the way!

Jan 16 015Jan 16 027

Jessi’s 5th Grade Concert.  (I’ll post more videos soon)  After the concert Jessi played a small concert for Bella and the night nurse.  Becca was there, of course, because she is a teacher’s assistant.  So now they have matching 5th Grade Strings t-shirts!

Jan 16 030DSC00099

Isn’t she beautiful?

Jan 16 031

Jan 16 079

Bella loves the outdoors.  I figure when the girls are grown she and I will spend a lot of time out of doors.  I can see it now – lunch on the porch, puttering around in the garden.  I don’t see Houston’s humidity in my day dreams!  Smile



I am always driving Becca somewhere.  I always tell her that one day she needs to make me chocolate chip cookies.  So she did.  She gave me one chocolate chip cookie.  There.  We are even!       Love this – Joy is telling Bella to “look at mama!”

Jan 16 081Jan 16 089

Sammi and the rest of the YW team played basketball again on Saturday.  They won again!    Lizzy and I started planning her birthday party.  It is coming up and she is so excited!


Jessi had her Intermediate High orientation this week.  I just want to cry!  She can’t be that old – she can’t be.  Stop growing for a minute baby.  I need to learn to freeze time.

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Kirsten said...

We were so glad to get your Christmas card. I messed up when addressing yours and it never made it, but we didn't forget about you. Your kids are growing so big, and it's amazing to see what Bella can do. I never thought that would be possible. Hope you're doing well. Say hi to Jason and the kids for us.