Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Week Two

Playing and hanging out:


IMG_20110510_103219After Jason’s kidney stone experience, we went to the urologist.  They found that he had a rather large kidney stone still in his kidney, one that he wouldn’t be able to pass on his own.  So Tuesday we went to the hospital and had it blasted.  They use ultrasonic waves to blast at it and it breaks up.  So for the next two days, Jason kept his pain pills on hand and passed little kidney stones – bits and pieces of the original.                        



Sammi kept Joy for the day.  She is such a good babysitter! IMG_3169IMG_3172

Asia’s promised box came – Little Brother is going to be very well dressed.  She also sent Sammi a bunch of scrapbooking stuff and, of course, some German chocolate.  Very fun!!  Thank you Asia!! 




Dads and Donuts was before school on Thursday.  Daddy couldn’t go with all the time he missed for the kidney stones, so Jessi and I went to the donut store and bought a dozen which we all enjoyed very much!

May 15 014IMG_3175

Playing with bubbles.  The Sutherlands came over and helped Jason put the antennae in the attic.  Thanks guys for helping us (again!)!


Kids do what they see – Joy trying to suction herself!  Bella, her example to learn from.


I just loved this from the garden.  Sammi helping Joy make her sandwich for school.


Thursday was the 4th Grade Program.  They have been preparing for this for forever!  Lots of songs and speaking parts.  We were proud of our Jessi!

May 15 013May 15 011

More playing:

IMG_3196IMG_3198May 15 015

Friday was so beautiful – Sammi and I did Math out. Here she is with some statues. The drought has been hard on the area, but we have had some beautiful weather, low humidity and just beautiful. Jason and I have been able to go on bike rides the last two Saturdays. I think that time of year is about over.

Lizzy asked if we could have afternoon tea – so Sammi’s milk chocolate brownies, some sliced bananas, and Lizzy’s hot chocolate answered the request.IMG_3200

Jason took a picture of me playing on his ipad.  Lizzy went to a swimming party on Saturday.  She said it was “Fabulous!”  Her shoulders don’t agree today, but she sure had fun yesterday!

IMG_3201May 15 016

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