Sunday, May 15, 2011

May, Week One

From last week (my camera was with Bec in Corpus)

Jessi and Lizzy have made a friend that lives in Florida.  She visits her grandparents about once a month.  They always get together and have a lot of fun together whenever she is in town. 

Lizzy got to go to the temple grounds for her Activity Day activity.

 May 4 001May 4 002

Becca and her friend on the bus and then where they stayed for the weekend. 

She and her five roommates were all LDS and her chaperon was LDS.  This was good for Mama’s worry level, but it is going to have very long term consequences I’m afraid.  She had so much fun having roommates and being with other LDS girls, she now wants to go to BYU.  She was determined to graduate in two more years and go to Lone Star and graduate in Nursing.  Now she wants to stay in High School for three more years and then onto BYU.  As much as my checkbook is crying, I think it’ll be wonderful for her to go to BYU (and I feel peace about it – which is always a good sign).

  May 4 006 - Copy - Copy - CopyMay 4 018

Loving sisters, this I love:


Lizzy was Student of the Week.  Sammi and I cleaned and froze 9 lbs of strawberries.  One pound, some bread and  spreadable cheese was our reward.IMG_3053IMG_3054IMG_3051

A rare picture of the elusive Becca!  And a picture of a pea from our garden.  They have not made it our table.  They are eaten too quickly!


On Wednesday we went to the Latin Recognition evening, Becca was honored and inducted into the National Latin Honor Society.  There was a reception following in the Latin rooms.  Her quilt was on display.  Way to go babe!


Sweet Bella isn’t feeling well.  Some lilies that Sammi gathered from the ground at Joy’s school.  She gathered them and put them in water.  They gave us a week’s enjoyment.  And a wonderful object lesson.  What others may cast off or think of as little value, has great beauty and potential.


More snuggling and Daddy helping Lizzy with homework.


My nemesis: the squirrel.  All of my beautiful peaches, gone – eaten by tree rats.IMG_3080IMG_3081

Sammi finally was able to pack a lunch in her bento box.


Asia sent us two boxes of clothes for Little Brother.  She tells me there is another bigger box coming.  So exciting!                                Cute Joy!


Sammi, Joy and I enjoying the beautiful weather and bird watching, our cardinal didn’t want to join the party that day.


After Jason bought the Apple TV for his birthday, we started to watch our own movies more and we began to wonder what did we really watch on the satellite – and was it worth the cost?  So after some investigation, Jason bought a TiVo and an antennae.  We get 66 channels of local TV – and no more satellite bill!  Wahoo!                More snuggling!


Saturday – before going out to do the yard, I moved the rocking chair so Bella could watch us.  She pulled the CAUTION Oxygen in Use sign down from the window.  Sweet girl.


Joy’s paradise: Strawberry Shortcake, Blue, leftover pizza and TV.

Washing the cars – I love the third picture where Becca holds up Joy to get the top.


The trampoline went back up – some happy kids.  Now we have to get another net to keep everyone safe.  I think Joy is the happiest.  But, yes, that means no foster care adoption for us right now.  We got to a certain point and it wasn’t right anymore.  Little Brother is coming.  I can feel it.  It is important that he come.  My mind has been wrapping itself around boys lately.               Becca driving!!IMG_3125May 15 002



Mother’s Day: I asked to have Breakfast at the table with my family (instead of in bed)


I had a nice day.  I got to go to church.  And I got to go and see my own Mama.May 15 007May 15 008

Those art projects the girls made while we were up at the farm.  I am thankful for a good day.  I am grateful for my own Mother.  I am who I am because of her.

The only less than wonderful thing about the day was driving home from the farm.  I hit a turkey vulture.  He did a little bit of damage to Jason’s car. 

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