Sunday, May 29, 2011

May, Week Four

IMG_3237This made me laugh!  I try so hard to remember everything – I have my calendar, then I enter everything on my online calendar so my phone and my computer will beep when I am supposed to be somewhere – and some times I still forget!  So I wrote myself a note, on a chalkboard that I would have to trip over to get out of my bedroom.  And what happens?  Joy thinks it’s a great place to color – so much for remembering things! 

We had a very large pine tree in our back IMG_3250yard that Jason did not like.  It curved over the house.  During a storm it would sway with the wind and was quite scary.  After seeing how a tree can split a house in two during his trips to Louisiana and East Texas after the hurricanes, he really wanted that tree down – only it costs a ton!  So much more than a normal tree because it was leaning over the house.  Well, it is no more.  It’s gone.  My back yard gets a ton of sunlight now.  I didn’t realize how much shade the two trees we have cut down were providing!


Bella is almost always on the vent these days, but I sneaked her out and let her swing for a few minutes – she loves it!  Jessi got gold medals for her team’s math and social studies scores.  And yet another remind to never leave small children unsupervised with a pen nearby.  Not a good idea.  Lots of scrubbing involved!


Monday was also Jessi’s last Girl Scout meeting.  She enjoyed it a lot.  And the cake that Sammi made for our Family Home Evening.

May 29 003IMG_3266

Tuesday: Sammi finished Botany.  Training her Padawan.  Joy writing letters in shaving cream with her Mama.


Tuesday morning before my eyes were even open, Becca came storming into our room complaining that her hair just won’t cooperate.  (She was a bit stressed with her audition for Orchestra that day).  So I created this:  And the audition?  She came home smiling.  Big sigh.  That is good.  Her tutor says she had improved so much this past month!  Good job, Bec!

IMG_3277IMG_3278May 29 002

I finally tracked down the source of the washer’s problem – this drain tube.  Somewhere down there was a plug.  Two snakes and some DrainO later, it’s all working again – yeah!



May 29 004Wednesday: Took Joy’s teachers their gifts, just in case my life fell apart and we didn’t make it to school on Friday.  Then Sammi and I headed to the Woodlands.  We were going to go to the Children’s Museum there, but it is more geared to toddlers and preschoolers, not big kids.  So I suggested the Mall.  Sammi about died – me suggest that?  I know, crazy thought.  We went and had lunch and looked in two stores, then rode the carousel.  Sammi is in such a between place.  Not a little kid, but not a teenager.  We’ll figure it out together, Sam

May 29 005May 29 006

After picking up Joy, we finished our afternoon at the library!May 29 010

Thursday:  Sammi finished her math final.  Which means that she is done with Sixth Grade!  Wahoo!               Lizzy was invited to a birthday party.  They were picked up after school in a stretch Hummer Limo and taken to Itz!  She had fun.

May 29 011IMG_3279

In Seminary, Becca got an award.  She had the highest number of days of reading scriptures.  That would be because her Daddy read them to us every morning while she ate her breakfast and before they left for seminary.  I’m still trying to figure out the Bob the Builder reference.


Friday:  Sammi and Bella playing with Bella’s new foam blocks.


Joy’s last day of school.  Dropping her off for the last time and picking her up for the last time.  I was sad and grateful when I picked her up.  This is probably the last time she will be totally in a normal classroom with “typical” peers.  I’m so glad she got to have this preschool experience. 

May 29 014May 29 019

Sammi got a certificate for her half birthday and Joy for her birthday.  So we went and redeemed them!  Free ice cream – we are there!     And we did it – we went and got Jessi’s cello.  We have set up Cello lessons for the summer.  It begins….  We also ordered Becca a 15” viola.  That will be her full size instrument.  We also took in an old violin that Kris gave us.  She played it in the 3rd Grade.  It is being re-strung and will be good to go the repairman said. Lizzy is excited to learn to play it.   So much music!

May 29 021May 29 024

Becca getting off the bus – she is finished with 9th Grade.  She is now a Sophomore!!  And then a couple of hours later, she and her Daddy headed out to Orchestra Banquet.  A good year for my girl.

May 29 023IMG_3308

Saturday: dancing. cleaning, and playing.  Everyone, except for Bella and I, went and meet Grandma and Grandpa Ball, Nathan, and Mandy and watched Ku Fung Panda 2.  They really enjoyed it.  They came walking into the house all laughing!  That is a good sign!


I read recently that Steven Hawkins does not believe in the existence of a God.  That the idea that there is a great Creator who would have an individual relationship with each of us human beings who number in the billions is all a great big fairy tale.   I spent a few days thinking about that.  Thinking about not believing in anything.  And it was sad to me.  Who would I thank for the beauty?  And the fact that He can have a relationship with me, one of billions, is a wonderful treasured truth I hold very dear to my heart.

And then yesterday a nurse made the statement that Bella’s health, experiences, and long hospitalizations must have rocked and tested my faith.  No, to the contrary, I reassured her.  My faith has been strengthened.  We never have faced anything together that He wasn’t right there with me.  No, my faith is greater because of what we have faced together.

What a blessing to have a knowledge of the reality of God in my life and to know that I am His daughter! 

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