Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Week

Monday Jason went to the urologist -  follow up for the kidney stones.  They are going to try and destroy the remaining stone in the kidney with sound waves.  That would be wonderful.  But since the doctor had him in the office and the poor guy is over 40, well…they took care of a little business.  Poor Jason.  He walked in thinking he was talking kidney stones and walked out with a list of orders for tests and procedures.  Poor guy.

April 10 001Our Jessi was student of the April 10 002week again! 

Ladybugs have been everywhere!!  Which brings us to our adoption.  Well, a few weeks back the agency asked for yet more information and Jason and I started to get a little uncomfortable.  We finally asked if they would approve us for a healthy, under 5 little guy – and we haven’t heard back.  We’ll see.  There is a tremendous need for kids to be adopted, but it does seem that the healthy, young ones have plenty of people that want them.  And right now, in our life and circumstances, that is what we want – a healthy one.  Now if I or anyone were to get pregnant could we guarantee that the baby would be healthy?  No, so why insist now?  I don’t know.  Why did we insist on a baby girl with DS?  Because that is what was next for our family.  So things are on hold with the state.  We have visited the temple and talked and thought and prayed, and we’ll see where the Lord leads us for this next addition to our family.

Love the love!  And then this picture – just loved the convergence of my life in this collection on the counter.  Movie holder, home school catalog, trach tie, fruit snacks, article of faith folder for Lizzy – so my life right now.April 10 007April 10 009

Introducing the next generation to The Princess Bride!  Sisters playing.April 10 010April 10 012

My backyard:  You know, something amazing happened to me this week.  I have wanderlust.  I long to explore and see things.  To leave behind the mundane and discover a different life.  But this week, the same thought I have a million times a week popped through my head of moving, of starting anew somewhere different, and a feeling of sadness hit my heart.  I would have to leave my home.  Hmm…I pondered that feeling.  For years after buying this house I wondered if we had made a huge mistake.  It’s old.  It needs so much work.  But slowly, and I do mean very S L O W L Y we are fixing it up, as we can, sometimes when we have to because things break.  But it’s becoming ours.  I am coming to love my home.  What a blessing.

April 10 014April 10 015

Huge things in the girl’s lives this week:

UIL, Orchestra got Sweepstakes (straight 1’s – that’s very good).  And yes, she had to wear her formal black dress to Seminary and school, because they left first thing.  Wish I could have followed her with the camera as she left seminary and walked, in heels and a formal black dress, across the junior high football field to her high school.  love ya Bec!

And our Lizzy, she got her AR shirt.  (finally)  She has been working so hard, plugging along.  She tells me she is not a reader head like her sisters.  Sweet girl – this was an accomplishment.  Way to go babe.

April 10 016April 10 026

Sammi’s art club made stepping stones.  It is drying right now.  But I really like her design.  She put a leaf skeleton in the middle – which I thought was perfect.  She has loved her study of botany this year.                 Lizzy playing with her paper dolls.

April 10 035April 10 038

My sweet girls playing – how I love to see this.   And a great picture of Bell!April 10 039April 10 076

Friday was Field Day at the Elementary school.  I was in charge of water for the AM shift, pretty easy stuff.  Just make sure that the water coolers are full.  That left me plenty of time to see the girls playing.

April 10 078April 10 081

Friday night was our Young Women Campout – the little precertification campout before the real campout in June.  I was so grateful I had a night nurse that I trusted and was able to go.  It was really good for Sammi to get a taste of “camp” before the real deal.

April 10 086April 10 095April 10 105

Sammi’s gourmet hot chocolate!

April 10 115


Friday afternoon Jessi headed up to Girl Scout Camp for the weekend.  Saturday night Jason and I drove up to bring her home so she could be home for Sunday.  She had so much fun!  There was horseback riding, rifle firing, canoes, swaps, swimming, and a lot of fun!  This was one excited girl when I got there to pick her up!

Oh – and if you live nearby, Becca is driving on roads now.    But only in the white car, she won’t touch the van.  SmileYou have been warned!

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debra said...

Just have her drive to Utah and back this summer and she will be a pro! It worked for you.