Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy Week

The week started off well enough.  Girls playing in the backyard.  The girls have started biking to school (except for the days with after school activities like piano and AR club).  That is helping the mornings seem a little less crazy, but truthfully it increase my worry load.  I worry about them.  We have some birds that nest in our house.  They get in through that tiny space between the bricks and the wood.  Sammi listens to them every morning.  So far this year no baby birds have died!  Yea parent birds!  Usually we have at least one or two causalities of their location choice.

April 17 003April 17 008April 17 009

Tuesday was such a beautiful day!  That is the way heaven is going to feel.  I am sure of it!  We played outside during speech – Joy wanted to be a sloth the same way Lizzy always does!  I made a big thing of pink lemonade and sat outside to wait for the girls to come home.  I felt so guilty just sitting there and not running around doing a million things.  But I made myself sit and just enjoy being for a moment.

April 17 012April 17 016April 17 018April 17 021April 17 026

The girls playing school. 





And then Wednesday came.  Bella hasn’t been doing well.  The nurse called out.  Everyone had to be in a dozen different directions.  And I got a call that a family friend was missing and had I seen her?  So Sammi and I loaded up Bella and we searched.  Turns out she was OK, but it was pretty scary.  It was one of those nights that I’m thankful my husband comes home every night and that there is a Domino’s very close!  Linda came over and enjoyed pizza with us.April 17 055April 17 027April 17 092April 17 033

Beauty and playing…the good stuff in life

April 17 034April 17 042April 17 045April 17 048April 17 051April 17 053

Blue waffles – we have been reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians!!

Thursday was rather an expensive day for our household – it was the beginning of a long and perhaps painful relationship between Jessi and the orthodontist.  She was so excited to get her braces on!!  I took pictures because I knew it wouldn’t last.  Poor thing – she was dying by the next day.  We all had steak for dinner and she had soup and teeny tiny food bites.  I keep hoping that her teeth will get used to them quick!  Poor Jes!April 17 094April 17 133April 17 096

Thursday night Becca drove us to her Viola lesson.  This is huge because I swore I would not drive with her.  It’s her Daddy’s job to teach her to drive – I taught her to read, do math, everything else.  He can handle the driving.  Oh well.  Not the first time I have had to go back on my word.  Actually, she is doing pretty well. 

Friday I got to be Aunt Shelly, the wonderful!  Marlissa and Elizabeth came and spent the day with us.  They are so cute!

April 17 058April 17 073April 17 087April 17 069April 17 062April 17 132

At one point on Friday I looked around and realized between my girls, Kathie’s girls, and a couple neighbors, there were ten little girls in my house!  Where will a boy fit in all of this estrogen? 

April 17 090



I saw this on the way to preschool and I had to take a picture.  Isn’t this such a metaphor for life?  It is a weed growing in the median on a very busy road.  But of all the weeds growing there, it was the only one blooming.

Trimming some trees:

April 17 134April 17 136

Our Ward Service Project and Picnic:

April 17 187April 17 190April 17 205April 17 201

There was a scripture egg hunt – we were to collect eggs labeled 1 to 12.  Then for Family Home Evening we can open them and learn more about Easter.April 17 211April 17 214

Our Community Easter Gathering:  There was a bunny, a man making balloon creations, booths, a jumpy thing, and a fire truck.

 April 17 138April 17 152April 17 142April 17 154April 17 160April 17 165April 17 162

Becca made us Oreo Truffles.  We were rally good.

April 17 222April 17 223

Kathie had us over for a Passover Dinner.  We learned more about the symbolism of the Atonement and got to see our family.  It was also David and Dallas’s birthdays!!

April 17 103April 17 105April 17 107April 17 110April 17 111

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