Sunday, April 03, 2011

Monday Lizzy stayed home from school and went to the doctor.  Spring is so beautiful in Houston, but my family all suffers from allergies.  The poor kids have to line up and take medicine every morning.  At least we have the medicine available.  Tuesday Jessi enjoyed Activity Days.  Wednesday Jessi and Lizzy stayed for AR Club.  Lizzy is working so hard on getting her AR shirt (she has to read certain books and take comprehension tests.)  Jessi stays after to help out.

Fancy breakfast – the girls are so creative!  My girls dressed up the same.  They are just so cute!


Sammi made this dinner for the Barbies with real food.  Very fun!  Cute Joy!


IMG_20110330_185242Wednesday  - Jason picked up Becca after Orchestra practice and took Becca to DPS…..where she took her written test for her permit.  She passed and now she can start practicing driving on real roads.  AHHHHHH!!!!  Congrats Bec!  (Be careful Houston!)


Thursday – Jason was up at 3AM with horrible pain.  It left and he went to work, but he had to come home early with this horrible pain that kept coming and going in waves.  We assumed that he had a kidney stone. 

Thursday was a big day for Jessi – she started the process of getting her braces.  They took pictures and made models.  We go back in two weeks for the braces to be put on her teeth.  She is so excited!  I hope that lasts!

Thursday night Becca and I went over to Lone Star College’s open house.  We learned about financial aid and talked with the nursing program there.  Financial Aid has changed since I was in College and I wanted to know what we are going to deal with.  It’s hard to believe that she is getting to this point.  How time flies!

I love these pictures of the girls!


IMG_2459IMG_2458IMG_2479april 3 002

Sammi and I had plans to take a friend out for lunch, but it didn’t work out for her to join us.  That didn’t stop us from enjoying lunch out though!

Friday night Katie came over for Pizza Night.  We all enjoyed pizza and Tangled and then Katie made a spa for the girls.  She made a face mask solution and did the girl’s hair.IMG_2482  They looked so cute!








Saturday – we did the yard, Jason had to buy a new edger, we got the house clean, watched General Conference and the girls got to go swimming for the first time of the season!  I loved that we didn’t have a million places to be and we could just stay at home and enjoy conference.

IMG_2488IMG_2495IMG_2497IMG_2498april 3 003

Saturday night Jason headed out to the  Priesthood Session of General Conference and had to leave in the middle of the second talk.  The pain was so terrible.  We decided that he had tried hard enough to deal with this terrible pain on his own, so we headed to the ER.  Our diagnosis was confirmed with a CT scan.  It was a long and painful night for Jason.  I have to admit that we  were a little worried about how much it was all going to cost, so we looked up our insurance stuff on the internet.  Our insurance resets on March 1st, so I was worried.  We learned, while waiting for the results from the CT scan,  that our $3000 deductible was meet on March 2nd.  There are blessings to having a baby like Bella.  So we will only have to come up 20%, instead of the whole thing – yeah!  The greatest blessing was that Jason got some good meds – he doesn’t have to deal with that horrible pain anymore!

General Conference – usually we make from scratch, multi-hour, to die for cinnamon rolls, but not after spending all night in the ER.  Luckily for us, Becca decided to make us Orange and Cranberry muffins with strudel toppings from scratch.  Thank you Becca!  I love Conference!  I can’t wait to get my magazine and start studying these new talks.


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