Sunday, May 09, 2010

The rest of our week…..

May 7 005

A picture I found of Joy when she first got her glasses!  The girls swinging last week! May 7 039


It is now hot in Houston – ugh!  Swimming season has started.  Our official adoption decree arrived in the mail!

May 7 056 May 7 074

This is what I get to see when I pick up my sweet girls from school:  :)  <3May 7 079 May 7 080 May 7 081 May 7 082 

Lizzy had to go to the dentist – she has 2 new abscesses in her gums under one of her crowns.  She will have that tooth extracted next week.  Then we went and got her hair cut.  I’ve been promising her that when her bangs grew out we would cut it, so we did!

May 7 087 May 7 088 May 7 089 May 7 090

Bella turned 18 months and of course there was playing going on…….May 7 094 May 7 083
We experimented with a coconut – fun, but not as yummy as we expected!

IMG_1881 IMG_1883 IMG_1890  IMG_2206


Jason is learning so much about this new camera – he is having a lot of fun!









Heading off to Dads and Donuts at the elementary school.  What fun for the three of them!




Cute Joy – pretty, on the phone, and dancing to My Neighbor Totoro.

IMG_1912IMG_1967   IMG_2259 IMG_2265 IMG_2266 IMG_1990

Last year when I lived at Texas Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House was my life line.  I am so grateful for that place – that calm in the storm.  Sammi has been collecting soda can tops for them since then.  She wanted to take them down there herself and I told her she could.   I go to TCH all the time, but always with a full crew, so I can’t just stop and go to the 4th floor.  Since the girls and Jason were coming down to visit on Saturday, Sammi brought her tops with her.  During their visit, we walked them over there.  They were so sweet to her!  They thanked her and told her that they had never seen so many.  I don’t know if that is true, but it sure made one 11 year old happy!  I was able to take the girls on a small tour of the RMH.  I about started crying walking around there.  It was almost like being on sacred ground for me.

The girls were angels while Bella and I were in the hospital.  Jason had a work crisis so he worked all Saturday and the kids held down the fort.  They cleaned the whole house.  Becca kept up the laundry and the dishes.  I am so grateful for my kids!  They are awesome!

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debra said...

I can't believe how old Joy looks with the braid! When did that happen. Tell Elizabeth I love her hair. How I wish Mandy would let me cut hers. Good for you Sammi. That is alot of can tops! Last but not least I am so glad you are home.