Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Rest of Our Week

Our celebratory dinner after Bella’s adoption was final – Cheeburger, Cheeburger.  We ate at home.  We didn’t think it would be right to go out to dinner and leave Bella here with the nurse.  :)


I love these pictures of Joy – they make me laugh!  She LOVES soda!  Can’t you just see it in her eyes – “You think you are getting this away from me?”  Joy adores french fries – but she finally meet her match.  She couldn’t eat every fry she saw!  :)

 IMG_1091 IMG_1104

I’m not the only photographer around here anymore, so it’s always interesting to see what turns up in the picture gallery come Sunday.  Love this one of the little girls – and then our door, our random door with art, the prayer chart, pictures, and the First Presidency.  I figured I’d include it – in 20 years it’ll make me smile.  Then there’s Lizzy practicing.  She is the only one I don’t have to remind – yeah!  And finally, after everyone left after Bella’s blessing, this is happy me rocking Bella.  We needed some time to calm down from all of the excitement.  So grateful for her special week!

IMG_1107 IMG_1169 IMG_1173 IMG_1252 - Copy

Saturday was Sammi’s last softball game.  I hope she learned a lot.  I love the picture of Joy cheering on her sister!

IMG_1326IMG_1379 - Copy IMG_1334 - Copy IMG_1355 - Copy 

My friend, Rachel White, had twin boys recently.  Every Wednesday while Jessi or Lizzy have their piano lesson, Becca and I go around the corner and hold the babies!  The idea being that we would help out Rachel for a half hour in whatever she needs.  So far we haven’t done much helping, but we have sure had fun!

 twins IMG_0997 IMG_0999 IMG_1001

Our one sad note of the week.  Our Bevo has gone missing.  We think that he must have wandered off to die.  He was starting to act really strangely.  We are sad.  We notified the pet liaison in our neighborhood and put up signs, but there has been no word and Monday makes 2 weeks.  Sammi has been the hardest hit.  She was really sweet – one of her biggest concerns was how do we tell Grandpa?  Bevo was Grandpa’s dog.  Rest well Bevo.

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asiaelizabeth said...

Such fun, I'm jealous of cheeseburgers ,fries, my neices(who are growing into beautiful young ladies WAY too fast), getting to hold new babies and not getting to be there for Bellas blessing. I'm so glad she will be a forever member of our family!

As a side not Gideon is enamored with Bella he loves her blog the best.