Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween for the Rest of the Crew!

Nurse Ann and I took Bella out in the back yard for a little while.  It is a process and definitely takes two people to get her out back.  But it was fun.  She enjoyed it and liked watching her sisters jumping on the trampoline.  Joy never left her side.

oct 31 001 oct 31 002

Sammi was Cleopatra, Jessi was the Queen of the Spiders, Lizzy was a mummy and Joy was a clown for Halloween this year!  Joy had no interest in wearing her hat!

We went to the Hecker’s Annual Halloween Party.  We played games and then went trick or treating.  Thank you Heckers!  I know the party is a lot of work, but we have so much fun every year.

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oct 31 030



Happy Halloween!






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