Saturday, April 18, 2009

Visiting Bella

This past week while Bella was in the PCU and before she had to go back to the PICU, the girls were able to come up with me to the hospital to visit Bella.  Texas Children’s Hospital has Child Life specialists whose entire job is to help patients and their siblings understand what is going on in this medical setting.  Our CLS on the 7th floor is Juli and she is wonderful.  I have pictures of Becca, Sammi and Jessi up here.  I have no pictures of Lizzy.  That day Bella had to be intubated.  Things were crazy!  Juli came and sat with Lizzy and explained what was going on.  She gave Liz a teddy bear (that Liz named Julie) and together they gave her bear an IV.  She stayed with Liz until the craziness had stopped and Jason was able to come and take her home.  What a blessing to have her!

march 16 002  march 16 004  march 16 003

Juli explained all of Bella’s tube and wires and then helped the girls make this poster for bec & bel 001Bella’s wall.


Blarney Girl said...

WOW! What an awesome job to have. Julie sounds like an angel sent from heaven! :)

OPA said...

I am so glad you live in Houston where you have access to some of the greatest Medical Services in the World. It is a blessing.