Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter’s Real Meaning

After our sugar fix, we gathered to read the real reason for Easter.  My plans for Easter this year were grand, but Bella and I ended up back in the hospital, so things were much more simple.  I left her at the hospital last night with the nurses to be able to spend Easter morning with the kids.  We read from the Gospels of our Savior.  How grateful I am for Easter.  What a blessing to have a day to reflect on our Savior’s love for us and the joy of the Resurrection!  I wish it was something I reflected on more often.   This is a moving and short video on our Savior for this Holy day.


And on a softer side, we wore Jessi out this morning.  Here she is as I was leaving for the hospital – asleep on her scriptures!  :)  Love ya chocolate face!

easter 092

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