Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fourteen Years

Fourteen years ago today, Jason and I brought forth our firstborn son.
There was a time that I thought I would never be able to breathe again without pain.
Now we are fine, but I wonder, usually on his birthday, what would he be doing now? What would he look like? Sunday he would have been ordained to be a teacher. What would it feel like to have him standing up there on the podium next to the Bishop, while the Bishop said, "This is a good young man." (He says that about all our youth.)
Can you imagine us the parents of a 14 year old boy? I imagine he would look a lot like his father. Happy Birthday Ben.

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Marissa Sutherland said...

Happy Birthday! I think the snow is just a great special touch today! I think about how big he would be every year. I can't even swallow the fact that Becca is 13! I think he would have looked like Jason too!