Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!

The wonder of Christmas morning!  Exciting and wonderful times!Christmas Day 008 Christmas Day 015

Christmas Day 038  Christmas Day 011Christmas Day 037

We enjoyed our day!  There were at least four games of Life (the new electronic version) and countless games on the Wii!  Sammi is great at boxing and Jessi is the bowling champion.

 Christmas Day 087 Christmas Day 077

Two new bikes meant riding time!  Lizzy and I went on two walks so she could hit the real streets. 

Christmas Day 080 Christmas Day 092 

We made tamales today as well – but that’s another post.

And then we went to a movie.  We went to see Bedtime Stories.  We loved it!  We laughed and laughed!  Just what we wanted to conclude our fun day!Christmas Day 101

We have enjoyed listening to KSBJ, our local Christian radio station.  They have played wonderful Christmas music about the real meaning of Christmas.  We are going to miss that.  What a blessing to think about the Savior so often.  

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Caleb T Ricks said...

Sounds like it was a really fun day! Glad that you could start some new traditions that is always really fun!