Friday, December 05, 2008

Becca’s 13th Birthday

Becca is officially a teenager!  Ahhh! 

For her birthday, she and I went shopping on Thursday night.  We went to Sonic, of course, and then onto Charming Charlie’s and Target.  That girl can shop – she amazes me!

On the day of her birthday, she woke us up early to open her presents.  Then she was off to school.  Public schools don’t seem to understand that birthdays are national holidays, so she had to go.  :(

 Dec-2008 034Dec-2008 042

After school she was picked up by her Grandma Turpin.  They went shopping (again….are you catching a theme here?) and then out to dinner.  They had a lot of fun.  When they got home we had cream puffs after we sang Happy Birthday to her!

  Picture 076

Happy Birthday to my baby!

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Marissa Sutherland said...

Ya know... I told Megan the same thing about how just because it is your birthday does not mean you get the day off from school.. and you know what? It WAS a national holiday... or at least election day, and EVERYONE had the day off, so I had to give in or else be the mean mom having her do school... ugh! She lucked out this time!