Saturday, November 24, 2018

Another Week

So this week was White Cane Day.  The boys came home with these cute canes they made from white pencils.


Another appt for Bella – this time Rheuhomology (however you spell that) – more selfies for the wait


The doctor ordered all kinds of blood tests.  She was so happy to wait before hand, but then the blood draw was terrible!! They try so hard, but four adults working on one little girl – it just makes my heart sad.  I promised her pizza for dinner, so off we went to Domino’s where they made it all right in front of her.  They were so sweet!



Fall has been so beautiful this year!  It literally causes me physical pain.  Jason thinks that is so weird, but I just see it and it’s so beautiful and I know it’s all just going to be gone soon.  So I take lots of pictures, but it never captures what I see.  Life lessons?  Just live it and love it, I guess!

Grandma and Grandpa Turpin are back from their trip to New York.  We sure missed them!  Especially Kai!  He just LOVES his Grandpa – Yaya!


Sammi’s beautiful banana pudding and some yummy cookies


Playing around


Cute Benny at therapy


Bella and Joy’s teacher is an artist – in addition to being a fabulous special ed teacher.  They are always painting and creating – I love it!!


Pizza Night!


Kai and Ellie both love chips!


Not pictured in this week:

My visit to Joy’s middle school for next year.  I called and asked for a tour.  It seems like such a wonderful school.  They cook something every week.  They go out into the community every week.  They go out to eat in the community every month.  In addition to working on their goals and academics.  I got to meet most of the teachers (there are four) and see the classrooms.  Ugh, double ugh, super ugh.  I LOVE the girls’ teacher so much.  But he tells me Joy cannot stay in his class for the next six years until she graduates.  (CRY!!)  He tells me she is ready for junior high, but I”M NOT!!!

The very next day was the girls IEP meetings.  Went well.  Two IEPs done in an hour and a half.  This team knows these girls as well as I do.  I love that they are with this team.  I am so grateful for their opportunities.  I just couldn’t ask for more!

And another session at the temple.  Grateful that it’s part of my routine now!

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