Saturday, June 09, 2018

Summer So Far…

We had all of the family over plus the missionaries – my poor teeny house was about to burst!  But it was fun!

Meanwhile Jason had been suffering from chest pain for several hours, so we ended up at the ER to get him checked out.  No heart attack, so he gets the privilege of a stress test out patient.IMG_2736

I’m sorry, but my kid’s teacher is better than yours.  Look what he sent today – along with two videos walking through the school showing Bella that there was no one at school and she wasn’t missing anything.  I love him!


So my latest teaching aid for Kai cost me $1.38 for the ping pong balls.  I just had to cut the egg carton in half.  We are starting with what braille is.  I want him to know that braille is the name of all of those bumps he feels in his books.  He loves his alphabet songs, so he is getting familiar with the alphabet.  So today we started on a braille cell.  A braille cell has six dots.  We counted to six.  We filled the cells with ping pong balls.  We counted them.  Then we worked on the letter A.  A has only one dot, dot 1.  We talked about A being in his name.  We sang (I sang) the song  for his name, “ K A I, K A I, K A I  spells Kai, Kai, Kai.”  We will repeat that for the next several days till I see some understanding and recognition.  Tonight in our story, we found the letter A.  He furrowed his brow.  Which means, he has no idea what I am talking about – or he made a connection.  We’ll see.  Time is what he needs.


This little monkey!  She has the most expressionate eye brows!!  Her Mama had a 2nd job interview today – so exciting!!


Playing with Joy’s new pop jewelry.


I love flowers!                             Cute Benny and his new helmet


He really is the happiest guy!                 The littles playing on the trampoline


Bella’s knee check up.  Looking good – knee immobilizer for the right leg, left brace for the left. Selfies while we wait and wait.



Fruit snacks?  Sure, but first you have to count them!


Joy treated us to McDonalds.  She and Bella had so much fun in the playplace.



Sawyer Park


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