Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Senior Recognition Night

At church they had a Senior Recognition Night.  Their super amazing YW Leader, Sister Satterwhite, talked about each Senior and then opened it up for other leaders and youth to talk  about their memories and experiences with the Seniors.

I am so grateful for her sweet leader.  She celebrated their characters, not their accomplishments.  there wasn’t talk about what school they were going to, although all three are headed off to universities.  She focused on the beautiful people they have become!

Jessi was described so well – what a blessing that she took the time to get to know my sweet girl!  Jessi is empathic.  Jessi is brave.  Jessi is funny!  And she talked and talked about how amazing she truly is!  To sit next to Jes and see the tears gathering in her eyes – and for me, as Mama, to see others recognize the remarkable woman she is becoming, I just LOVED it!!

In our family prayers that night, Jessi thanked Heavenly Father for wonderful YW leaders!



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