Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Will this ever end?

I was watching a show today on Netflix and it was the Christmas special. The music, the family, the lights, the feels....I am not a crier, but there was definitely a wetness to my eyes. PLEASE process, be fast and let me get my boy!  I’m irrational and just want him HOME!

Where we are in process…Visa applications going to Embassy tomorrow.  One week into I800 wait.   (Still PRAYING for a December pick up!)

Kai, do you understand we are coming?  Do you understand how much we physically ache to have you home?  How grumpy and irritable we are getting because we want you HERE, not represented as a pile of papers on someone’s desk?  We want to touch you and see you.  We want to count your toes and fingers.  We want to hear your laugh – and see you eat!

Kai, do we understand how hard this is going to be for you?  How everything you have ever known is going to be GONE – poof!  one day because two strangers came and picked you up?  Do we understand the depth of trust it will take for you to reach out and let us help you?

We have never meet you, Kai, but we love you!

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Debra Ball said...

Just wanted to put in and that he won't be told until you have flight info. Then they will prepare him. That way if something happens in the adoption, some delay affecting travel, he won't feel neglected or abandoned. Nothing will change for him until it has to.