Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

(The cutest one year old out there!)


Becca, Blake, and Liz made these cute skeleton shirts.  Bec had seen a similar shirt online and didn’t want to spend the money they were asking for it!  So we made them.  Black shirts, white paint, and a blown up picture from the internet of the rib cage and we had Halloween shirts!

Just love her little baby skeleton!  <3


Ellie was an adorable pumpkin.  Blake a lumber jack.


Sammi participated for a bit.  She dressed up as a witch.

Jessi and Lizzy (with Becca and Daddy) wanted to hand out candy.

Joy was a zombie.  I don’t know why.  But she got the idea several weeks ago and she wasn’t letting it go.  So we went with it!!  Sammi did her makeup and Jes made her costume.  She was totally in character the whole night!  She is so funny!!


Bella was a Ballerina.  She changed into her costume when she got home, then layed on the couch.  She wasn’t interested in walking around outside – you crazy people!

Alex had no idea it was happening – the joys of autism -  so he stayed inside and danced to his music.

Jason decided that we would have a fire in our fire pit.  It was a chilly night and absolutely perfect for a fire!  We had a great time, sitting around, handing out candy, eating candy, laughing and talking.  A great Halloween!


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